Virtual Ram Concept For Windows

Step 1. First you need to plug-in your pen drive. Then open my Computer and press right click. after that click on properties.

Step 2. Now properties window will left side click on advance system setting.

Step 3. in Advance tab Click on setting button in performance tab.

Step 4. Now new will window will appear again. Click advance tab again.

Step 5. in Advance tab you will see virtual memory box. then click on change button.

Step 6. Now unmarked the box of Automatically Manage Page size Feature. in tab of Custom Size. Then Select your Pendrive in given below format. Now input same value in both Partition. And click on apply button.

Note: if you have 4 GB pendrive then always insert 10 MB less value. i am using 4 GB pendrive and space available in my pendrive is 3700 MB then use insert value 3690 MB.

Now restart your desktop or laptop, now you can use pendrive as virtual ram.

“if you want to convert back your Pen into normal then again open Virtual Settings and remove custom memory value and choose Default settings by checking Automatically Manage Paging Size.”

How You Can Expend RAM Using USB/Pendrive In Windows 8 & 10

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