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If the power light of your HP laptop is blinking and not turning on, there are several possible causes of this problem. The battery, the BIOS, or the CPU may be faulty. Here are some solutions to this problem. If all of these options fail to work, try replacing the battery. However, if the problem persists, you may need to replace the entire computer. Here are some solutions that may work for your HP laptop.

HP Laptop Not Turning On Power Light Blinking
HP Laptop Not Turning On Power Light Blinking

Fixing a faulty battery

If you’re experiencing HP laptop not turning on issues, one of the most common solutions is to replace the faulty battery. In most cases, the battery is under warranty, so you can purchase a new one without affecting the laptop’s warranty. However, you should never let the battery completely drain, as this can damage the laptop. To avoid this problem, follow these tips to repair the battery in your HP laptop.

In case the battery is damaged, it may not be easy to replace it. If you want to fix the HP laptop not turning on power light blinking issue, you must first check the BIOS battery. Usually, this is located near the motherboard. To remove it, you need to press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. This should restore the laptop’s BIOS.

Fixing a faulty BIOS

If you are experiencing problems with your HP laptop, it is possible that it is suffering from a faulty BIOS. To fix this issue, you should attempt to restore the BIOS to its default settings. Depending on the model of your HP laptop, this process may take a few hours. The procedure involves downloading and installing the latest BIOS file from HP’s website.

To perform the reset process, turn off the HP laptop and make sure there are no external devices plugged into the machine. Then, close all programs and devices and remove any USB-connected devices. If your HP laptop still has the power issue, you must reboot it manually by holding down the Power button for 15 seconds. Then, wait a few minutes and press the Power button again.

Fixing a faulty CPU

When you are facing the problem of an HP laptop not turning on, it may be due to the faulty CPU. To diagnose the faulty CPU, first open the battery compartment. If you notice a white light or caps lock blinking, the battery is likely dead. If the blinking continues, the CPU is probably the problem. If you find a faulty chip in the laptop, you should contact HP support to find out what to do.

If you’ve tried all the basic steps but still cannot turn on your HP laptop, you probably have a faulty CPU. If you can’t boot the computer, unplug the battery or unplug the power cord. Then, press the power button for around 30 seconds and you should hear a fan spinning and hard drive clicking. If all of the above steps haven’t worked, contact HP Service center  for a replacement battery and technical support.

HP Laptop Not Turning On Power Light Blinking
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