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Windows or Office product key

There are many commercial software which helps to protect from unauthorized access, copying and installation.

These software are loaded with product key or serial number. There is string of letters or numbers which is a unique identifier to know whether your software is legal or not. You are required to authorize the installation process and know the eligibility for product support.

Find Your Product Key

You need to find the product key when you have purchased the Microsoft software.

You need to look into the disc jewel case. These product keys are located on bright sticker inside the CD/DVD which

consists of 25 alphanumeric characters usually split into group of five.

You will find the product key on multicolored, Microsoft branded sticker. This sticker comes with the installation disc that accompanies with the computer.



The command prompt method is the easiest method to locate the product key.

Open CMD or press “WINDOWS KEY + R” and type “CMD”.

You can write the following code such as“wmic os get “serialnumber” and then press Enter key to see the result.

Extract your key from Microsoft Windows or Office

If the software is installed then you need to download the software such as Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder. You can locate the windows key and display it.

1. Download the Magical Jelly Bean and follow the installation procedure.

2. Click Start, type key finder and then press Enter Key.

3. When the scan is completed, it will reveal the key and other information about installation. The key will be shown under the heading ‘CD Key’. You can record this information for future use also.

How to find your Windows or Office product key

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