We are glad to inform you all, that we are the foremost laptop service centre and deals with all models of HP laptop. Our service hub is completely satisfied with our clients; all of our clients get the best benefits as they want. Although this is a private portal handled or governs by B.S system solutions, but we have complete skills about Hp laptops and all of its models.
We have a distinct and discrete structure for repairing/servicing of all the models of Hp laptop which is not under warranty period contemplate by Hp. We don’t have any union or association for this kind of business. Our portal is completely private; we are not authorised with any of the public or government authorization. We are using our own logo, content, description or information for our promotion; if anyone has doubt regarding our policy. May contact with us or write to us at the address mentioned in the website. This is not the official portal from hp.

If you have any query or issue regarding our portal or any respect you may contact us. Our email is- . All our dealings are under guarantee. Also, when we deals with products all our products are offered with price list that mentioned in details. For any illegal content or description found in any area you may sudden contact with us. We will suddenly take an appropriate action to resolve that issue. And we are thankful to all those who reads this useful and salient information. We don’t have any links with other portals or any websites. On contact form we only requires your personal information like your name, place or phone number and that may only for the communication purpose, also it is only transfer to our official mail id’s.

Service Policy:- We are not providing any unauthorized software/hardware devices. Company is providing totally original and under guarantee. We only provide services for post-warranty hp laptops.
Customer’ Policy:- Our main policy is customer’s satisfaction. We don’t transfer any information or any personal data of our customers in any other place. It is only shared between our technicians and our one and only that particular client. Customer must ensure with all terms and conditions before dealing with us.
Firm-member’s Policy:- For any miss-guidance, miss-understanding or any other issue related to any service, the service person or that technician is completely responsible for that.

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