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The laptops overheat because fan is blocked on the bottom and hard drive quickly fails.

1 Elevation

When you are sitting at your desk then you can put a small book or item under the battery. You can keep it significantly cooler as it allows a slight tilt to flow under the laptop.

2 Keeping it cool

Buy a cooling mat: You can buy it from the brands available such in the store.

You can have something hard under the laptop rather than something which is soft.

The soft surface will block the bents and reduce the airflow and which may cause overheating. It may even catch fire.

Keep your laptop in an area which is air conditioned and allows it to cool down to prevent it from overheating.

3 PC Setting

You can get a program to set the temperature.

Stop Overclocking: If you overlock the computer then it is hotter than expected. You don’t need to underclock as it will make the system lag behind.

Lower the Maximum Processor States: You can note it for windows.You can click the battery and add more power option. You can click Advanced power settings and then click processor power management and then processor states. You can set both to around 70-90%. Lower the brightness to avoid overheating

How to Fix Laptop Overheating?

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